Litter Visit: Fflur x Major pups, 5 weeks old

11 Feb

Today I drove up for another visit with the current litter of Border Collies at Talisman Farm.  Oh, what joy! I’ve been looking forward to it all week. It’s amazing how fast they grow and change.  I’ll let the video and photos speak for themselves!



The Girls

1488 Loon (sepia tone)1495 Loon in my lap

1502 Chocorua1518 Chocorua asleep

1523 Queechee puppy feet1491 Queechee

1516 Queechee in the puppy pile

The Boys

1509 Loon and Wildcat

1494 Snow1506 Snow

1504 Snow staggers awake1519 Snow sleeps

1499 Okemo and toy1511 Okemo

1525 Okemo puppy feet1527 Okemo

1512 Okemo

Group Shots:

1490 J in a puppy pile1498 Snow chomps Chocorua
1501 puppies follow D
1508 puppies amuck
1521 too tired to party puppies1517 Wildcat and Queechee snooze
1522 Loon and Chocorua

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