The Puppy Has Landed

7 Mar

Today was the big day! I’ve been counting down to Puppy Day all last week, and this morning I woke up bright and early. Of course, this didn’t help at all, since our appointment with Talisman was at 2 PM. After a million years, it was time to go!

How did Snow** prepare for his big adventure, you ask?? One last nap buried under his littermates.  (That’s my friend Dana’s lap, by the way.  The puppies really piled on her!)

1688 lap puppies

He weathered the drive home without much trouble.  He cried for a bit, then puked a tiny bit, and then fell asleep for most of the ride home.  Compared to Gromit on his first ride home, Snow was much easier to comfort.  Dana drove (thank you!!), so I could focus on helping Snow feel better.

We stopped at home for just a little bit, and both dogs stretched their legs.  Then it was back in the car to pick up Eli and Seth from their after school activities.  It felt really good to have everyone home!  Snow fell asleep on Seth’s lap on the way home.

1691 boys in the car with Snow

Snow sniffed all around our house, finding some tiny bits of rash to play with.  (We swapped for some approved dog toys.) After a bit he looked like maybe he wanted to go back out … it took a while, but eventually he pottied outside.  Good boy, Snow!  The light was getting pretty dim, but I did get a few pictures.

1692 Snow at stairs 1696 Snow on deck

1698 Snow 1694 Snow and Gromit and bucket

Gromit mostly ignored Snow, even though Snow was following his big brother all over the yard. Later on though, Gromit lay down next to napping Snow.  Of course when I got out the camera he made it look all staged and awkward.

1706 Gromit and Snow

** We are trying out “Clewe” today, and will try out “Pippin” tomorrow — for now I’ll use his puppy name.

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